Glitch found in Super Mario Bros. almost 30 years later

By: - 18th Jun 2014

Even after almost 30 years, someone has managed to find yet another glitch in the very popular Super Mario Bros. video game.

The glitch allows you to get infinite lives by spawning SMB’s magic beanstalk in a level where it’s not supposed to be. The discovery was first highlighted in the video below, but many cried that it could have been fake because of the tool assists.

However, other players were able to confirm the glitch does exist on the original game itself (on real hardware) as detailed here.

Here’s how to replicate this little trick:

  1. You must have beaten the game already.
  2. Start a two-player game and bring Mario to World 1-2 and throw away life at the start.
  3. Then Luigi must go to World 5-2 and find the hidden beanstalk block halfway through the stage.
  4. Luigi must then climb the beanstalk and wait a bit to get hit by one of the passing hammers.
  5. Mario will then regain control in World 1-2 and the beanstalk from 5-2 will grow in 1-2, granting Mario infinite lives.

Coding error or intentional? Who knows. At least you can a little fun now walking through the levels like a God.

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